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Vitae Vi's Dan Hughes at the WOW Clinic in Westbourne

Corporate Wellbeing

Resilience | Positive Morale | Focus | Productivity

Investing in well-designed employee wellbeing can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement, morale and relations, reduced sickness absence and higher performance and productivity.
It can also be a draw when it comes to recruitment and retention.
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The benefits of wellbeing
in the workplace

To gain real benefit, employee wellbeing priorities must be integrated throughout an organisation, embedded in its culture, leadership and people management.


There’s no one-size-fits-all; approach to designing a health and wellbeing strategy; its content should be based on the unique needs and characteristics of the organisation and its workforce. Before creating any workplace wellbeing programme, you must understand what your people value.

Dan Hughes leading a corporate Wim Hof Method class at The Cowdray

Photography by Cowdray

Dan Hughes Wim Hof Method Instructor leading an ice bath session.

Photography by Cowdray

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

The programme in practice

If you are responsible for arranging corporate events, have a venue for hire or the organiser of away-days for groups of employees, please talk to us!


Corporate well-being and staff retention is becoming more important for employers, so why not book us for a Wim Hof Method workshop or let us work with you to design a well-being programme for your team?

In practice, we believe the best wellbeing programmes are the ones that make each and every person feel like a valued individual and important member of the team.

By delivering onsite, during the working day, at an away day or as part of a corporate team building event, Vitae Vi have found staff engagement and enthusiasm to be extremely high.

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

Hands on experience

We will provide the tools for your employees to use whilst at work or to take away and practise simple methods at home, helping manage stress, maintaining focus & attention, becoming better motivated, increasing productivity, managing general health and getting better sleep.


Your teams will thank you for it! We have a number of approaches that are sure to engage your workforce and ignite the Vitae Vi within.

Hands on, in person, a real human, not an app.

Dan Hughes leading a group class at the Cowdray in West Sussex

Photography by Cowdray

What our clients have to say...

Wim Hof Workshop Review

I felt in the safest of hands with Dan.

Having knowledgably explained the Wim Hof Method, he led us with ease and confidence through the most beautiful breathwork session, surrounded by nature.

I came away feeling restored and ready for anything!
Thank you Dan – you’re a real pro!

Vitae Vi class set up at the WOW Clinic in Westbourne, West Sussex

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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