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Vitae Vi


defn: / Life Force • noun / the force that gives all living things vitality and strength.

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

Our Misson Statement

We want you to immerse yourself and thrive in the many health and wellbeing benefits we offer at Vitae Vi, safe in the knowledge that we only coach and provide what we truly believe in and practice ourselves.

All our workshops, classes, courses, and retreats are provided in a safe, engaging, inspiring and healthy setting, accessible to all.*

*some medical conditions are not suitable for Wim Hof Method activities – please get in touch to discuss!

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

About Us

Dan Hughes

Co-Founder of Vitae Vi
Wim Hof Method Instructor | Breath Work Instructor
Wellbeing Coach

Meet Dan, the Co-Founder of 'Vitae Vi' and a Wim Hof Method Instructor with a passion for breathwork.
To feel both physically & mentally strong, healthy and happy is something we all deserve in life, whilst becoming more resilient to stress and anxiety.

Dan knows first-hand how illness, stress & modern life all impact on the body and mind and Dan guides individuals toward unlocking their inner power, embodying Wim Hof's mantra that "You are stronger than you think you are." Join Dan on a transformative journey; you won't look back.

Vitae Vi's Co-Owner Dan Hughes Headshot

Karyn Hughes

Co-Founder of Vitae Vi
Reflexologist | Wellbeing Coach
Fitness Coach | Golf Biomechanic

Meet Karyn, the force behind 'Vitae Vi.' Over 20 years experience in Reflexology, Wellbeing Treatments, Health & Fitness Coaching, and Golf Biomechanics; her journey began with a pivotal lesson: "paddle your own canoe."

Her mission is simple:


warmly guide everyone, toward strength, happiness, and health, feeling great about themselves and ensuring a sense of achievement at every step.

Vitae Vi's Co-Owner Karyn Hughes Headshot
Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor

Those that breathe half, only live half ~ Wim Hof

Exclusive Partners to

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Dan Hughes setting up workshop at the WOW Clinic for Wim Hof Method Classes

What to expect at Vitae Vi

Life-changing workshops, events and retreats

A safe, fun, non-judgemental environment

Purpose built studio for small groups (3 or 4 persons)

A beautifully relaxing treatment room

Group sessions in locations around Hampshire & West Sussex

Coaching in easy to digest sections

A toolkit of simple practical steps to take away and practise at home

A series of wonderful treatments

To take home a sense of achievement!

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

Wim Hof Method
Workshops & Classes

The Wim Hof Method is a simply followed, natural path to an optimal state of mind & body, all backed by science.
It harnesses the full extent of the natural elements our bodies already interface with, namely fresh air and the cold, providing you with life force.


The Wim Hof Method trains your nervous, cardio-vascular and immune system to become more robust and resilient and carries a whole host of health benefits. Experience the benefits of Cold Water Exposure by signing up to our workshops.

Dan Hughes leading an ice bath during a Wim Hof Method class

Photography by Cowdray

Karyn Hughes leading a treatment session atVitae Vi's Treatment Room

Workshops, Courses & Classes

Embark on a personal journey of well-being with our diverse range of workshops, courses and classes, ranging from the invigorating Wim Hof Method to personalised breathwork coaching.


Each session is designed to offer a unique and transformative health experience. Discover the power of your body, unlock resilience, and tailor your wellness journey to your individual needs.

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

Our locations

Come join us for workshops in carefully chosen, unique locations crafted with you in mind.


Dive into serene, exclusive environments for private classes, or soak up the lively, communal vibes of our group sessions.


Your wellness journey, your way – discover the perfect setting for you.

WOW Clinic in Westbourne, West Sussex
Class set-up at the WOW Clinic ready for Wim Hof Method Classes

Bespoke, Corporate
& Private Events

Elevate your private or corporate events and bespoke programs to new heights by choosing Vitae Vi as your premier health and wellness partner.


We are committed to curating a full-spectrum experience at your venue, offering a range of transformative activities, from immersive Wim Hof Method workshops to personalised breathwork coaching.

What our clients have to say...

Wim Hof Workshop Review

I felt in the safest of hands with Dan.

Having knowledgably explained the Wim Hof Method, he led us with ease and confidence through the most beautiful breathwork session, surrounded by nature.

I came away feeling restored and ready for anything!
Thank you Dan – you’re a real pro!

Vitae Vi Wim Hof Method class at the WOW Clinic

You are stronger than you think you are ~ Wim Hof

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