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Dan Hughes leading a breathe, stretch and flex class at The Cowdray Estate

Photography by Cowdray

Breathe, Stretch & Flex

Bespoke | Life-Enhancing | Life Force

Is your body flexible? Is blood flowing everywhere? Is your lymph system able to remove
waste and toxins from your body.

Did you know that blood flow can be directed and influenced by practising stretches, and by
your breath?

Exercising and stretching improves body awareness and through the learning of new
movements we improve our proprioception (a big word for the sense of balance, reflexes
and other body systems and functions).

Our breathe, stretch and flex programme of powerful conscious breathwork combined with a series of gentle stretches will improve flexibility and connect your body to the breath.
In our society, we learn to live, act and react mostly by cognitive function alone – and there is nothing wrong with that - other than when we rely so heavily on our rational mind, we fail to hear our body signals and its innate intelligence.

Our body provides us with a ton of wisdom, if we chose to listen to it. Creating a better mind-body connection is crucial for a happy, strong and healthy life. Movement and breathing are interconnected, join us to learn more.
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What does the
workshop include?

Our 2-hour workshops, with a break, include basic safety guidance, breathing mechanics, so you understand how to breathe properly.


Our workshop includes guided breathwork techniques, conscious breathing & targeted breath, followed by a session of stretches and flexibility exercises, tailored to your needs, all combined with breathing techniques.


You will also be provided with a workbook showing the stretches so you can practise at home.

Dan Hughes leading a Wim Hof Method workshop at The Cowdray Estate

Photography by Cowdray

Primary benefits include:

Improved immunity

Lower inflammation

Increased energy

Better mood

Reduced stress & anxiety

Improved flexibility

Improved sleep quality

Greater focus

Improved body awareness

Enriched sense of happiness

Vitae Vi 2023 Branding Artwork

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Essentially anyone who is of reasonable health but wants to improve flexibility. The programme is bespoke, so we will carefully curate the programme to suit your ability and experience. Ideally, we would suggest booking a course of at least 6 weekly or
fortnightly sessions on a timetable that suits you.


You will be asked to sign a health declaration and waiver in advance of the workshop.

Book your place!
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Vitae Vi's Private Outside Studio set up for a Wim Hof Method workshop based in Emsworth.

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